Analogue Photography | Digital Photography | Medical Imaging | Performative Photography | Video [03:00]
© Maria Paschalidou 2003

The Bodies Under Investigation photographic installation consists of multiple digital archival inkjet prints of various sizes and a looped digital video of 3 minutes duration with sound. This creative research project stands for my MFA thesis in Photography (Columbia College Chicago, 2003). It concerns the transformations of the human body in its contact with medical monitoring technologies.

The photographic images involve a series of performances in which the bodies are covered by powder simulating the clinic and antiseptic look required before any medical examination. Specific types of numbering and text, diagrams and rules, used by medical imaging, are ascribed on the surface of the bodies. The images convey a screening, a viewing of the body that is not seen when x-rayed; the image of the inner body and its outward appearance. In this way the fragmented body demands its wholeness/references back and manifests itself as a site of resistance.


  • Visual Immortality. M54 Project Space & H95 Space for Culture. Basel, Switzerland, 10 May – 30 June 2007
  • 2nd International Biennial for Contemporary Art Shumen 2006. Visual Immortality. Shumen, Bulgaria, 3 July – 30 September 2006. Curators: Elena Panayotova, Peter Tzanev
  • She – Snap. Schopf Gallery On Lake. Chicago 10 December 2004 - 14 January 2005
  • World Enigma ’03: A different perspective of a common world. Hokin Gallery, Chicago, 13-30 January 2003. Curator: Adam Brooks
  • MFA Thesis Exhibition. Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, 14 May - 12 June 2003. Curator: Barbara Kasten
  • By Arrangement. Public Installation. In–Transit Gallery, Merchandise Mart, Brown Line Metro Station, Chicago, June - September 2002


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