Public Performance | Video [11:45] | Sounds: Street interviews
© Maria Paschalidou 2007

The video “That is All…” combines the documentation of the public performance I realized in Attiki Square (Athens, May 24, 2007) with speech and sounds of the street interviews I have conducted and audio-recorded in the same area. In the interviews, various residents of the neighbourhood were called to answer a personal question: what would be the most pleasant thing that they would like to hear on the news.

The performance imitates an imaginary/hypothetical news report that is happening live in the central square. Acting as the reporter, I mouthed the words of a text revealing to the public personal mythologies, emotions and reflections on issues of homogenization, migration and the class characteristics of the art production. This text appears in the end of the video narrative, in the form of subtitles.

“That is All…” is a site-specific video created for the Visibility project (see curatorial activities).