Performative Photography | Participatory Performance | Video
© Maria Paschalidou 2014

Semiotics of the Phantasma correlates the practices of photography, digital imaging and performance. It engages the dynamics of a ritualistic praxis and its connotations to propose collective modes of performing the photographic image. Its starting point is the visual material of the digitally manipulated photographic images that I call Tzatzala (Maria Paschalidou, 2009; 2012).

To this end, I invited volunteers to participate with me in a public performance in which the original cultural custom of ‘tzatzala’ would be re-enacted. The performance attempts to reconstruct the tradition of the original cultural custom by delving into its dynamics and using it as the apparatus for a communal experience of ‘healing’ in a particular geopolitical and historical context defined by both the escalation of the economic and the rising of the refugee crisis. 

Public Participatory Performance. Eressos, Lesvos, 21 July 2014

PASCHALIDOU, M. (2020) Talking with ghosts: Visuality and participatory performance. A reflective presentation of an art/research project. Available from: φεμινιστιqά/feministiqa Journal