Video-Photography [3:47] | Performance
© Maria Paschalidou 2015

Produced in November 2015, Shining On Traces Of Escape is a video based on multiple photographic images accompanied with sound.
These images compile a visual journal from my regular walking in the streets of the centre of the city of Athens during the time of the humanitarian Greek crisis and particularly between 2009 and 2015. They report on traces and the various changes caused to the urban space, the agora of the city of Athens, in this milieu of unrelenting austerity.
The video Shining On Traces Of Escape was projected during my performance at the collective performance The Bankorgs realized within the framework of Performance Dinners No8 in Athens (The Subjectivity & Feminisms Research Group (S&F) of Chelsea College of Arts, London). For the Performance Dinners No 8 in Athens, the S&F invited the artist/researcher Maria Paschalidou to select the theme of the project for that year and curate the related creative event in Athens.

The Bankorgs Collaborative Long-duration Performance, Performance Dinners No 8. BIOS Theatrical Stage, Athens, Friday 4 December 2015.