Collective Public Long-duration Performance (7 hours and 30 minutes)
Idea | Concept | Project Coordination | Curator: Maria Paschalidou

stands for my first experimentation on the dynamics of the relationship among the artist, audience and artwork in the public space. The project aimed to explore the terrain of public art through artistic intervention, differentiated art practices, collaboration and performative acts. It began with the idea of a collective public performance by artists and art academics in an open-air market. In the temporary environment of the performance, the artwork becomes an object of communication, negotiation and exchange between artists and audience.

The open-air market seemed to me the most ideal to do such an action, as it is a space of conciliation and negotiation where interpersonal relations occur in a direct communication. The neighbourhood of Attiki Square, and particularly its street market, was selected for the performance as one of the alternative sites of the city of Athens where social interaction is enhanced due to the multicultural character of the area.