Biography of the Bread

© maria paschalidou 2014

Video duration: 11:35
Sound mix: Vassilis Theodorou

Biography of the Bread creates a ritualistic space for contemplating on the bread.
The installation exposes iconic obsession with/of the bread imposed by its fundamentality as the necessity of living, and the political games of lacking or being granted the right to it. The sounds of the installation are resonances of disobedience. They mingle fragments of byzantine ecclesiastic hymns with violent protest noises and slogans in which the word ‘bread’ is being repeated.

BreadMatters IV, “BreadMatters – Crossing Boundaries Intersecting the Grain”.
ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus, November 12-29, 2014. Curators: Ines Rolo Amado, Achilleas Kentonis.

Bread Matters Conference, Forum and Exhibition