“In the memory of…”

© maria paschalidou 2007

Proposal to the Iraqi Memorial Project

Concept | Installation: Maria Paschalidou
Animation: Kleopatra Korai

The installation “In the memory of…” can be realized in the physical space of a square room. The idea is to create an environment which comments on the contemporaneous indifference towards human pain and suffering.

The installation space, that is the square room, is set up as a living room with a comfortable couch and a low table in the center of it. Food snacks, preferably popcorn, have been placed on the table as well scattered on the floor. Three large video projections on the walls dominate the entire space. Two of the projections show selected photographic documents from the war in Iraq. Taken from several news agencies, these photographs report on city bombardments with victims non-combat populations. The third projection shows the animation I submitted to this site. In the animation, a person is sitting on the couch of a living room, watching projections of the war photographs and having snacks. At the same time, the space in front of the person is gradually getting stuffed with coffins.

The animation presented in this site is part of the installation. At the present, it serves as a digital draft of the proposed installation.

Concept/Project of Iraqi Memorial
Joseph DeLappe, Artist, Professor of Digital Media

This project was made possible, in part by:
The Digital Media Studio, Department of Art, University of Nevada, Reno
Reference Check: Co-Production Residency Program, Banff New Media Institute, Banff, Canada
Residency Programme, ISIS Arts, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
The University of Nevada, Reno, College of Liberal Arts Scholarly and Creative Activities Grant Program