The Balloons Prose Poem

© maria paschalidou 2006

The Balloons Prose Poem installation consists of Maria Paschalidou’s early photographs and George Sympardis’ written texts from his books Medium and Dimitris, the useless.

The site-specific installation took place in the industrial space of the former factory of PALCO in Petralona, Athens in the context of the project Blind Date #12,
Artists + Writers
(Idea | Project coordination: Adonis Volanakis).
For the realization of the project six artists were invited to collaborate in pairs with six authors and create relevant pieces of artwork.

Against these turbid turquoise skies / The light and luminous balloons / Dip and drift like satin moons, / Drift like silken butterflies; / Reel with every windy gust, /Rise and reel like dancing girls, / Float like strange transparent pearls, / Fall and float like silver dust. / Now to the low leaves they cling, / Each with coy fantastic pose, / Each a petal of a rose / Straining at a gossamer string. / Then to the tall trees they climb, / Like thin globes of amethyst, / Wandering opals keeping tryst / With the rubies of the lime.
(Oscar Wilde, Les Ballons)

Installation images

Blind Date #12, Artists + Writers, Industrial space PALCO; Athens, Dec. 14–24, 2006. Project idea & coordination: Adonis Volanakis.