Curatorial Activities

“The Bankorgs” – Performance Dinners No 8 in Athens

Bios.Tesla main
Peiraios 84, Athens
Friday 4 December, 2015
Starts at: 19.30 | Duration: 100’ | Free entrance

The_Bankorgs, 2015

Organized by: The Subjectivity & Feminisms Research Group, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK | In collaboration with the artist/researcher Maria Paschalidou

Concept/Curatorial of the Performance Dinners No8 in Athens: Maria Paschalidou

Katerina Athanasiou / Tzeni Argyriou / Maria Adromachi Chatzinikolaou Myrto Farmaki / Grigoris Gaitanaros / Dimitris Halatsis / Fotis Karageorgiou / Eleni Lyra / Catherine Maffioletti / Georgia Mavragani / Despina Meimaroglou / Ioulia Mermigka / Vassilis Noulas – Kostas Tzimoulis / Leda Papaconstantinou / Maria Paschalidou / PASHIAS / Lea Petrou / Annetta Spanoudaki / Mo Throp / Syrago Tsiara


Public Act/Performance Visibility, Street Market of Attiki Square, Athens, Saturday 29, September 2007 | Duration of public act: 07:00 a.m. – 14:30 p.m. | E-edition: Visibility DVD, Athens 2007. Project idea | Coordination | Curatorial: Maria Paschalidou

Visibility Installation, Gallery cheapart, Athens, Sep. 29–Oct. 1, 2007.
Curator: Maria Paschalidou

Stall/ “Ingredients” as used for the installation of the project at Cheap Art gallery – Commodities bartered for the DVD/art product
Download Catalogue of “Ingredients”

Visibility is an art project, which explores the dynamics of communication between artists and audience(s) in a public space.

In this project, the participating artists work both collectively and individually so as to create not only a physical but also a quasi-virtual environment in which the presence/visibility of the artists, of the art product as well as that of the audience(s) is under negotiation.

Since November 2006, the participants have been working on the production of a joint DVD/art product. Copies of the DVD will be exchanged with any products and/or goods people are willing to offer, during a public act/performance which is going to take place in the market of Attiki Square, in autumn 2007. The public performance, the conversations and dialogues between the artists and the people in the market, will be video recorded and broadcast live both in an exhibition space and on the Internet (live streaming).

Visibility is carried into effect on two parallel levels.

On the first level, the project addresses the issue of our artists’ visibility along with that of our art work. We move away from the “familiar, safe, art environment” of a typical exhibition space so as to meet broader and possibly less known audience(s). Our objective is to negotiate our visibility and redefine our role within the frame of an urban environment where daily activities occur.

On the second level a particular neighborhood of the city of Athens comes on the scene. The overcrowded area of Attiki Square, in which populations, cultures, customs and commercial products are mixed, plays its own part in the game of visibility versus invisibility. The local residents are invited to contribute to the Visibility project, either anonymously or not, should they be willing to do so, by participating in a special session of the DVD/art product as well as in the public act/performance, which is to take place at the market of Attiki Square.

The project Visibility aims to explore the terrain of public art through artistic experimentation, differentiated art practices, collaboration and performative acts.

Nikos Bubaris & Yiannis Christakos, Marianna Nikolaou, Maria Nymfiadi, Constantinos Papadoukas, Zoi Pappa, Maria Paschalidou, Lea Petrou, George Tserionis, Adonis Volanakis



Maria Paschalidou, “On Visibility and Exchange: Visibility, Public Performance of Artists in the Street Market of Attiki Square. Lecture at the Meeting “From Bazaar to Hamam. Art Outdoors”. Parallel Action of the Visual Arts in Greece 2 / 2007, Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art, January 19, 2008


The Art of Artist Statement exhibition, Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, Chicago, Feb. 18- April 2, 2005. Curators: Maria Paschalidou, Georgia Kotretsos.
Sponsored by: The City Arts Grants of Chicago, The Illinois Arts Council

The Art of Artist Statement, is an invitational international exhibition in the context of which artists were invited to create a piece of artwork, in media of their choice, as a commentary on the subject of the written document that is called ‘artist statement’.
The idea was initiated by the two artists, Maria Paschalidou and Georgia Kotretsos who curated the exhibition and organized the panel discussion with art academics, curators and artists.

Kika Charalambidou, Juan William Chávez, Thulani Earnshaw, Effie Hallivopoulou, Richard Koenig, Brandon LaBelle, Jenny Marketou, Serkan Özkaya, Sabrina Raaf, Scott Reeder, Ryan Swanson, Anna Lagiou-Tsouloufi, Pamela Z, Eleni Zouni.







The Art of Artist Statement panel discussion, Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, Chicago, March 4, 2005. Organized by: Maria Paschalidou, Georgia Kotretsos.
PANELISTS: Candida Alvarez, Adam Brooks, Michelle Grabner, Adelheid Mers


Maria Paschalidou, “The Art of Artist Statement exhibition: A discussion on artist statements”, Museum Herakleidon; Athens, April 3, 2006

Maria Paschalidou, The Politics of Representation of the artist’s discourse: The Art of Artist Statement, Contemporary Art Magazine GAP & GAZON ROUGE Gallery; Athens, March 2, 2006

Maria Paschalidou & Georgia Kotretsos, “Obsessive Compulsive Logorrhea”, “The Art of Artist Statement Internet Survey” and “The Art of Artist Statement On the Street Interviews”, The Art of Artist Statement Panel Discussion, Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, Chicago, March 4, 2005

Maria Paschalidou, “‘The Art of Artist Statement’ exhibition in Chicago: A multilevel investigation of how people respond to the ‘artist statement’”. Lecture for the “Artist Statement: Artistic Inquiry and the Role of the Artist in Academe” workshop. Organized by the Thompson Rivers University; British Columbia, Canada, Nov. 23–26, 2005


Ekecheiria, Schopf Gallery On Lake, Chicago, June 4 – July 9, 2004.
Curator: Maria Paschalidou | Jurors: Adam Brooks, Eleftheria Lialios, Sabrina Raaf

The Ekecheiria international juried exhibition addresses notions of truce.
The artists in this exhibition employ a variety of media from painting and photography to video and installation to create works, which act as a catalyst for the process of rethinking and reconsidering notions of peace. Their work has transformed the exhibition environment into a laboratory of thoughts, questions and ideas where fear and hope for fragile moments of peace are intertwined in dramatic and haunting fashion. Interpretations range from photographs of the cruelest reality from the absence of truce to humorous representations of a laundry-like news machine produced by global news media.
Military parachutes are transformed to art objects surrendering their functional meaning; while nationalism, ironically, appears as ‘cowboy’ or as an isolated and abandoned ancient landscape. Fictitious “masked attacks” mock and criticize the ‘historically’ justified rationale of massive assassinations. Large-scale photographic portraits of individuals stamped with their fingerprints identify the hysteria of the search for the “enemy”. Crutches, which frequently represent human vulnerability, are transformed into tools of strength. Ashes, stones and fire recall ancient rituals, perhaps ones that could re-ignite a contemporary pursuit of a sustained truce.These are just a handful of different perspectives in defining fragmented moments of truce. The power of art relies on its potential to transform ‘reality’, to reinforce a point of view and represent action.
(Maria Paschalidou, Moments of truce, Ekecheiria catalogue, Chicago 2004, p.3)


Guido E. Alvarez, Michael Arrigo, Renee Mc Ginnis, Anni Holm, Georgia Kotretsos, Eleni Mylonas, Yuichiro Nishizawa, Camila Olarte, Janet Orselli, Damon Sauer, Susan E. Squires, Bernice Ficek – Swenson, Marjorie Vecchio, Julie Weitz, Elise Mc Williams, Peter Costas Yalanis